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Dassilio Prinou Thassos 640 10, Greece

Thassos, a gem among the Greek islands, is a blessed land in the northern Aegean Sea. Every summer it welcomes thousands of visitors, who keep returning for its emerald and friendly waters, its golden beaches, its rich vegetation and its charming people. A tour of the island’s scenic villages, such a Kazaviti, which is very close to the Ilio Mare resort, the mountain village of Theologos with its traditional architecture, Panagia with its natural springs and Potamia with the amazing panoramic view, will always be an unforgettable experience.

In Limenaria, the island’s capital, you will be enchanted by the ruins of the ancient temple of Goddess Athena and the Acropolis of Thassos. Take a close look at the beautiful white marble which made the island famous across the world, and taste the famous honey, choice wine and exceptional olive oil. As you explore the countless sandy beaches, you will meet the local fishermen and get a taste of the spontaneous hospitality of the northern Aegean, as well as the island’s flavourful delicacies.

Walking through the black pine trees, fir trees, olive trees and the idyllic coasts, you will discover a rare habitat. Then, as you watch plays in the ancient theatre of Limenas, you will fall in love with Greece all over again. Thassos is an island that will hold a special place in your heart, like no other.

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